Creativity is available to all of us. Whether you're a professional artist, artistically inclined in any way, or always wanted to be, you can use creativity as a guide and support for healing and growth. We often dismiss our creative interests as just hobbies or spare time activities. Really, they're one of our greatest resources just waiting to be tapped. Creativity is in our lives every day. Let's get connected to it.


You are creative.


To be creative is therapeutic. Creative engagement is healing and fosters growth. Our approach to creativity directly mirrors how we live our lives. Developing and nurturing our creative process unlocks where we're stuck, and illuminates our strengths.

Who am I?


I'm an artist, counsellor, coach and teacher. My journey so far has been to join these passions and create healing, growth, awareness and joy through creativity. I work with individuals and groups to bring beauty and artistry to the therapeutic process.