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Advanced Coach Training & Mentorship Program

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What You’ll Learn

Powerful coaching is about depth – of presence, relationship, listening, inquiry, exploration, discovery and integration. Coaches develop their capacity to go deep with clients through intentional practice, discerning feedback, personal reflection and more practice. Going Deep is an opportunity to take risks, learn and grow within a community of supportive peers.

In this program, you’ll practice your skills in a way you can’t with your regular clients. As a session progresses, we’ll pause and zoom in on moments, pinpointing ways you can deepen your process. You’ll get feedback from the instructors and from your client, with support from the group. You’ll also be the client for other coaches and offer your perspective from that side and experience first-hand what it’s like to go deeper.

Participants will be invited to connect and practice with peer coaches outside of program hours.

Topics we’ll cover:

  • Discovering and exploring individual roadblocks to going deeper

  • Deepening coaching presence with Levels of Awareness & Coach Modes

  • Developing skills for deeper, more intentional listening

  • Exploring and refining a client’s presenting topic/agenda

  • Honing the ability to offer succinct questions and reflections

  • Evoking and expanding client insights and awareness

  • Integrating client learning into new possibilities and intentions

What You Can Expect

All classes will be online via Zoom. Participants are asked to ensure they have adequate high-speed internet service. Headphones are required to prevent digital feedback.

Each class will include:

  • Brief Check-In

  • Advanced Coaching Concept: instruction & discussion

  • Group Skills Practice: demonstrations, exercises, aquariums and/or fishbowl sessions

  • Break: 15 minutes

  • Mentorship: Observed sessions/skill practices with workshopping at key moments to build skills. This portion of the course satisfies the ICF requirement of 7 group mentorship hours. 

  • Self-Reflection Exercises: to be practiced between classes

Feedback & Mentorship

Participants will receive instructor feedback based on the ICF Core Competencies and assessment markers and engage in regular self-reflective practices. The program includes seven hours of mentorship required by the ICF, with an option of acquiring the three individual hours with one of the instructors.


Prior to the first class, participants will be sent and asked to review the ICF Core Competencies, PCC Markers and Code of Ethics. Additional learning materials will be distributed via Moodle during the program.

For More Information or to Register

Please email: or

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