Discover Your Creativity

A six week interactive on-line group program.


This program offers you a small group interactive immersive experience in exploring your creativity. You’ll develop custom practices to bring growth and awareness to your creative process and integrate them into your life. Together we'll inspire, nurture and support our creative selves. 


We’ll examine our approach to creativity from three main areas. 


1. Inspiration: Here you learn what gets you moving and how to get your juices flowing. Where the energy comes from; the idea, the creative spark, the inspiration. In this area, we’re excited, and we’re scared: there’s risk involved. Yet we’re alive and ready to explore unknown territory. 


2. Preservation: This is where you’ll learn how to keep your creativity alive. How to trust your instincts to nurture and protect. How to fan the the initial flame of inspiration into a glowing fire that keeps you warm. You’ll discover here how to sustain your creativity over time. You’ll discover ways to feel calm and stable in its strength and consistency. 





3. Connection: Here you’ll learn to connect with others in a way that supports creativity. How you can show up and support a creative community, and find a ‘family’ that supports you. Here you see and feel the synergetic excitement of creative collaboration and connection. 


Everyone experiences these areas differently. Within the group, you’ll get focused attention on how to develop each of these areas specific to your needs. Most of us have strength in one of the areas, and feel challenged in another. Part of your practice will be to harmonize all three.


Each class will offer you exercises and activities designed to reveal your unconscious relationships to each of these three areas. Together we’ll discover how these relationships get in the way of creativity and develop strategies to overcome them. We’ll learn how our natural (and learned) gifts can act like a guide and support through this process.   


By the end of this program, you’ll know your gifts and how to use them effectively. You’ll recognize where your inner road blocks are, and how to compassionately overcome them. You’ll have a deeper understanding that how you approach creativity mirrors how you approach other ares of your life. As you gracefully navigate your creative process, you’ll do the same in all areas of your life.

Please contact me for the next program start date. 

Cost: $300 CAD

Student and Professional Artist rates available. 


Please email or call for registration or with questions.