Counselling & Coaching - Private Practice. I work with both individual and group clients in a counselling or coaching capacity from my private practice in Vancouver, BC.


Rhodes Wellness College - Instructor. Life Coaching Certification Program. This a 21 week accredited certification course. Downtown Vancouver BC campus. (Current)


Discover Your Creativity - Co-Creator and Facilitator. This is a full day workshop that focuses on accessing our creative impulses, and developing a practice to regularly engage in creative activity. Developed and taught with writer and performer TJ Dawe. We've taught this workshop in many cities across the US and Canada. (ongoing)


Somatic Approaches To Counselling - Assistant Instructor. This program, developed and taught by counsellor & bodyworker Kirsten Johansson, teaches therapeutic somatic techniques to counsellors and helping practitioners. (ongoing)


Body Awareness Training - Assistant Instructor. Developed and facilitated by counsellor, actor and teacher Tasha Simms. (Past)


Nine Rivers Wellness - Enneagram Consultant & Coach. The Enneagram is a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation that I've studied and worked with for over ten years. I use this personality type system with people to discover and actualize the gifts of their unique type, and to recognize and over come the challenges. (current)


Musician - I've written a produced a solo album 'Gypsy Hotel'. I perform in various venues across North America and regularly in Vancouver, including for Metro Vancouver's 'Music in the Park' series. I host an ongoing night at The Cottage Bistro for creatives to come and share their work.






Wellness Counsellor Diploma - Rhodes Wellness College

Vancouver BC, 2012-2014


Life Coach Certification & Diploma Program - Rhodes Wellness College

Vancouver BC, 2012-2013


Riso-Hudson Enneagram Teacher Training Program - Enneagram Institute

Stone Ridge NY, 2010 - Present


Business Diploma - Ontario School of Business 

Guelph, ON, 1998-2000

2010 - present

2010 - present