Three Month Journey
Discovery Session 

For this session you’ll take a 40 minute test online to help determine your type, and an hour and a half session either by Skype, on the phone, or in person, and evaluate the results. We’ll look at what personality types show up as the strongest and determine your primary type. We’ll discuss the basic characteristics, strengths, challenges, gifts and fears of your type and how they show up in your life. This session can be modified for those who already know their type and want a deeper understanding. $150 – Test included.

Whey you're ready to go further in this journey we'll move into the three month program.  We’ll discuss how your personality type shows up in your life, when it serves you, and when it doesn’t. We’ll determine what areas of your life and what core issues need the most attention. We’ll develop practices unique to your life and recurring challenges. We’ll explore the unconscious thoughts and beliefs operating in you and bring them into the light. We’ll work with some of the deeper aspects of the Enneagram and focus on the one that speaks to you the most. This program includes two 1 hour sessions per month, by Skype, on the phone or in person for $650.

If you've completed the three or six month program you want to continue coaching with the Enneagram, you'll move into the Continued Growth sessions. A new chapter of your life may be unfolding, or you’d like to continue coaching as a personal practice. We’ll keep working with the Enneagram and its endless depth as a daily guide for your personal, creative and spiritual growth. $120.00 per 45 min. session.

This program will deepen your practice and experience you started in the Three Month Journey. At this point in your growth and understanding of your self, expect to see and feel profound and positive shifts in your way of living. We’ll meet twice a month for one hour per session $1200.

Continued Growth
Six Month Journey 

Coaching with the Enneagram

The Enneagram is tool for self discovery and personal growth.

It’s designed to take you on a journey. There are nine personality types. You’ll start by finding out yours. You’ll learn how you got where you are, and where to go next. You’ll find out why you do the things you do, and why you keep doing them when they don’t serve you. You’ll dive to the depths of your soul and see your shadows. You’ll meet your authentic self. You’ll find out who you really are when the ego loses strength. You’ll grow. You’ll live with passion and grace.


Coaching with the Enneagram will help you see when you’re in your own way, and empowers you to be your own ally. You’ll access the gifts of your creativity, grow into greater spiritual awareness, and strengthen your relationships.


We’ll develop personal practices based on your strengths to help manage the struggles particular to your life. These practices will allow for real wellness, healing and growth to thrive.