The advantage of one on one counselling is that we can design a program specific to you and your needs. Together we'll find the right direction for you and how to get the most out your time. Your sessions may use creativity as the primary tool for your growth and healing, or have a more traditional approach based on what works best for you. Some topics typically covered in counselling work are, but not limited to:


    - Relationships

    - Wellness (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual)

    - Body Image & Weight

    - Creative Development

    - Abuse & Trauma


I use a variety of approaches and techniques including somatic work, creative exercises, anger release, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Trauma Repair and the Enneagram Personality Type system.


Each counselling session is $120 for 60 minutes. Read more here about working wth the Enneagram. Sessions are available in person, or by video conference. 




Coaching has a different focus than counselling. In counselling, we typically work on areas that need healing. In coaching, the focus is more on what you'd like to accomplish. It could be a creative project, or a professional goal like changing careers, starting your own business, or advancement within your organization. It could be a personal goal like weight loss, organizing & designing your apartment/house, or learning to sing.

Coaching sessions are $120 (60 mins), and packages for a discount are available.