Lindsay Robertson


I'm a musician, counsellor, teacher and coach.  I love what I do.  All my life I had a passion for music and creativity. Decades ago I started playing the guitar and songwriting. I was so timid and protective of my work that it took me years to share it with anyone. I was terrified. A decade or so after that, I started performing. It took me a long time to get on a stage. It was a huge challenge for me but I knew I wanted to share and connect with people creatively. This journey was one of self discovery, growth and healing. 


Becoming aware of my challenges and actualizing my gifts, through the lens of creativity, led me to doing this work with others. Everyday I'm inspired as I watch people connect to their creative essence and transform their lives.


I trained as a counesllor from a holistic perspective. This prepared me to utilize creativity as a thereputic tool because it affects the body, mind, heart & spirit. As a coach, I work with professional and aspiring artists. I teach a Life Coaching Certification program at Rhodes Wellness College. 


Experience & Education