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I’ve always had the desire to know and understand myself more fully. Many of my life pursuits have had this desire at their core. 


One of these was through music and creativity. I wrote and played music as a form of journalling - a way to process, to express and ultimately make sense of my experience. I did this for years before performing, as it felt too vulnerable to share this messy exploration with others. Once I started performing in public I learned the impact of connecting with and being seen by others. 


Another avenue was through learning about the Enneagram. This helped me see that all of my artistic frustrations, my sense of self, my different ways of being, my search for an identity, these were twisted-mirror reflections of the deeper, truer self I’d been looking for, and that the personality is a distorted attempt to reconnect with Being. 


The next was training as a coach and counsellor. My training was experiential, which invited and supported me to do a deeper exploration of my issues, my beliefs, my stories and my shadows. This has a been a years long and ongoing process for me, and it’s a privilege to support, witness and encourage others in their processes. 


I’ve learned that the unconscious behaviours and habituated responses that impacted my life for so many years were the quiet battle between ego and essence, between personality and spirit, between identity and authenticity.


As a counsellor and coach, I aim to support others to find, explore and enchant in their own magic.  


Counselling: I've been in private practice as a counsellor since 2014. I'm licensed with the Canadian Professional Counsellors as an RPC (Registered Professional Counsellor.

Coaching: I'm certified Life Coach and I've been coaching with individuals and group since 2012. I hold a PCC credential (Professional Certified Coach) with the ICF (International Coaching Federation). I've been a mentor coach for coaches pursuing their credentials with the ICF, since 2019.

Training & Teaching: I've been training and teaching since 2015. I've trained and certified over 100 new coaches. I've taught a variety of counselling topics at Rhodes Wellness College. I run advanced training and mentorship groups for practicing coaches. I've created and facilitated numerous self-development related workshops.

The Enneagram: I've been a student and enthusiast of the Enneagram for decades. I trained with The Enneagram Institute and became a Riso/Hudson Certified Enneagram teacher 2018. I've created and facilitated a number of Enneagram related classes and workshops including Intro to the Enneagram, The Enneagram & Creativity, The Enneagram & The Instincts, and Experience The Enneagram.

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